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High Five Pastor

 “High” thoughts from above in 5 minutes or less

Pastors Wally and Lana Shea work together to create High Five Pastor videos.  From finding ideas for the next video, writing script,  to shooting the video, they team up to accomplish the goal of sharing some “high” thought with a simple every day example.  

Pastor Wally, the High Five Pastor, is also senior pastor at Open Bible Fellowship in Ankeny, Iowa.  He is ordained through Open Bible Standard Churches and has a BA in Psychology from University of Sioux Falls and his Masters of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas.  He has served in four other churches before coming to pioneer Open Bible Fellowship in 1987.

Pastor Lana Shea  uses the camera and editing to make each High Five Pastor video creative and interesting.  She is also associate pastor at Open Bible Fellowship in Ankeny, Iowa.  She has a BA in Music Education and minor in Art from University of Sioux Falls and has graduated from Level 1 INSTE Bible College. She owns the art website ExpressHim.com.  Her paintings and prints of her work include inspirational and prophetic symbolism.  She is also known as “An Iowa Mom” on YouTube with videos that teach how to do basic every day tasks.  

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